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  ~ Please think of a word that rhymes
     with the previously posted word, and
     then leave another word to be rhymed.
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     I will begin with...

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(La Bamba= lasagna)

cotton, silk, wool, felt, flannel, corduroy, nylon, rayon, polyester

duty is solely spring peeps

beauty is only skin deep

me paws you're firth it

because you're worth it

weather: rowdy with a dance of pain

cloudy with a chance of rain

a bandana writ with a fairy on mop

a banana split with a cherry on top

hats: sill-clocks, Tao soy, angora, dork-tie, brace-all sap

 pillbox, "newsboy" was all I could come up with for "tao soy," fedora, pork-pie, baseball cap

Styles of ladies dresses:  waxy, fern fill, wreath, flip mess, mom dear (this rhymes with the French pronunciation)

maxi, dirndl, sheath, slip dress (don't know mom dear, maybe empire?)

which bread spread?:  "boozy brothers move stiff" OR  "it's hard to seat Pippi")

Empire is exactly right!

"Choosy mothers choose Jiff" and "it's hard to beat Skippy." 

More sandwich spreads: hedgehog bite; cement, oh please; beveled jam

Sorry, the only one I got  out of this was devilled ham, (maybe co-cheese?)

have a berry snappy and stealthy brewed beer

Haha! You have a very happy and healthy new year, as well, Westerly!

The spreads were: vegemite (this one's Australian, so it wasn't quite fair), pimento cheese, and deviled ham.

An expression: Lot more glove more funny

not for love or money

have you made your two ears diminution?

Nope, no New Years' resolution--gave up on those long ago.

Types of exercise one might resolve to do in the new year: winning, mate shifting, sunning, prep the phobics




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