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Friends, Lovers, Family..... Playful, Loving, Difficult.... in 5/7/5.

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We laugh, share, play, cry.
I long to touch her; to hug.
She makes my heart sing.

nothing like the love
of one who sees you clearly
and likes what they see
once friends then lovers
severing circumstances
can we still be friends
a relationship
sailed on smooth seas with such ease
hoping eternal

storms brew and most pass
others linger like cancer
rocking our safe ark

so can we survive
trials and tribulations
be stronger or sink
How clearly you help me see this loss and the searching!

For me, it was something like this:

heart's radar seeking
endlessly sending signals
out into the void

always listening
for that particular ping...
echo of your soul
wow. that's powerful, metub4.
"There you are!" I felt
Upon our first encounter
No new friendship, this.
I know so well, d's girl...XOXOXOXOXOX

the first glimpse of you
ripped the fabric of space/time
once and future love
despite our longing
some things are the way they are
and words aren't enough
what must be, must be
we control that which we can
all else, we're victims
like favorite shoes
the gift of an old friend fits
heart to heart, just right.
communion of souls
overwhelming connections
my eternal bliss




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