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The flip side of joy...can't seem to have one without the other. Any kind...5/7/5 it.

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things never complete
words left unsaid until when?
clouds fall upon me
The pain, then the drugs,
Then the withdrawal from drugs --
More painful than pain.
pain is part of life
the piquant foil to pleasure
patterns go on, on
abuse can be many forms
escape is tricky

victims can have choice
hard as it often may seem
their does come a time

break free of the games
with support and commitment
cycles can be broken
Here we go again --
Yet another hurricane
Makes old bones ache so!
My heart was broken
The small wound is fading now
The pain fades with it
pain says something's wrong
physically or mental
find the source, address
pain floods my being...
rip my flesh, rend my body
but touch not my heart

there is no fault here
errare humanum est
but, oh, the wound weeps
experience rules
pains from mistakes diminish
learn then let them be
a beautiful heart
so loving, caring and wise
exempt from all pain....
silent trees shiver
me and the lonely monkey
huddle in the dark




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