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I had a wonderful Scottish Terrier for a while. Angus. He was the perfect dog for me, we suited one another !   Scotties are highly independent and confident and they need a firm and loving hand in order for them to respect their owner.

Tonight I am utterly beside myself with happiness to see that long time favourite "Sadie", a gorgeous four year old bitch who won best in Terrier group last year - won BEST IN SHOW at the Westminster Dog Show.  She is lovely and it's made me so happy to see a Scottie win!

Let's post pictures  of out treasures, past and present!

"Sadie" (officially named "Mercedes of Maryscot" !) pretty lady ! ~ Best In Show 2010 @ The Westminster Dog Show!

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Lucy came into my life in November. I grew up with dogs, big ones!, but haven't had one in quite some time.
My home is small so I got a dog that would be comfortable in the space and comfortable with my lifestyle. She is a delight. I am loving my time with her!
This picture is her at 3 months, she is six now...

Wanda! Such a handsome family - not forgetting Miss Moneypenny!
How intriguing, a Doppelgänger doggie! I understand perfectly. I once encountered a male Fawn Great Dane in a park in Toronto (with it's owner) that resembled my beloved Asko right down to the mole on his mask (face) - and the dog leaned into me immediately and didn't wish to be parted from me when I tried to leave. Plus - and oddly, my little Scottie friend Angus, who was always aggressive with other males, was unusually calm and well behaved. It was all quite odd - and unforgettable. Perhaps our beloved pets reincarnate a few times before it's time for them to go home and await our arrival ;)

I'm happy you had the experience, albeit being a tad bittersweet!
You all have such lovely animal family members! I don't have a photo handy for my dear cat Hat (so called 'cause he looks as if he has a knitted cap pulled over his ears), but I just ran across this lookalike; give him spots instead of stripes, and he is perfect right down to the body language.

He and his two sisters adopted us nine years ago. The girls stayed rather timid, but he was hit by a car the first year and in the process of recovering (completely, I'm happy to say) in the house from two crushed hind legs, he became my constant and adoring companion. His sister Jackie, all spotted tabby, took nearly a year's vacation and came back last Halloween. Not a word about where she'd been, but she looked fine. The other little girl disappeared a couple of years ago; I suspect the local hunters. Life in the country is risky for kitties.




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