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Well my friends this year is almost over. So we will be closing this year out with a bang with a New Year's Eve Party. The champagne will be flowing, music to jam by, delicious food to eat, party flavors and old and new friends to party with. Those of you who are not going out with friends on that night stop by and celebrate with us as we bring the New Year in in style.

New Year Countdown - New Year Layouts

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Thank you Lynn!
I will have some champagine please Ms Lynn!!!!!!!!!
ah, Mary, of course! was waiting to see if you were ready to start yet!!

Me darlin, I'm always ready for champagine!!!! (in RL, am waiting till closer to midnight)
yep, mine's in the fridge. couldn't find a 1/2 bottle (split, i think it's called), and it's a shame to waste any, but i don't think i can go the whole thing! but then, we have at least 4 time zones to celebrate. only 2 represented so far, but there are more folks from the mountain and pacific zones who were invited!
and here's mine.... just so you know, i'm not drinking alone tonite!

Oh and Lynn, PS.....Thank you for my glass too!!!
Thank you so much lynn...........so we are not drinking alone tonight, how sweet.
right, it's a party, after all! what'll you have, Ladyg? your usual LIIT?
Sorry I got lost there for a few mins.......lol.....seems to happen to me more and more Lately..........LOL




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