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Don't know why I didn't think of this earlier...

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blinded to my core
living a dream that ain't true
just chasing fool's gold

let the wind chase you...
honoring you i let go
but the love goes on

why is it, my friend

that which we desire the most

is beyond our reach

hang in there, my friend

we each have crosses to bear

before our ends come

No haiku for this...I heard it and thought of my Draughn and his undying love for his precious daughters. 

i will tell the sky
we got lost along the way
we'll make it better

we will move the ground
And pull the barriers down
lets live while we breathe

you're my everything
in this world only you're true
tangled up in you

my heart is broken
can't staunch the deluge of tears
i'm tired as f**k

if love hasn't hurt
you know nothin' about it...
love isn't easy

Draughn sent me this song once, with this note:

Good Morning, My Beloved ~

To dance with you, to feel you pressed against me as we move across the floor, like leaves carried by a river - fluid, natural...

I love you so.

You and I could walk by the lake, and watch the cool mists rise off the surface of the water. Some Canadian geese interrupt the silence for a moment, as their leader guides them to the still water, and his squadron carries on one really annoying conversation...
We smile, and laugh at the perfect imperfection that is nature.

That is us.

I'll walk with you through this day as each, My Beloved. Maybe we'll even feel those Kona winds blow...

we will dance like leaves
in my heart and soul always...
free on kona winds

cruisin' in the sun
wind tousling your dark curls
you laugh i soar

you are all i need
you lead me to paradise
just be my lover

we run forever
you and me stay together
trouble's behind us




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