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Don't know why I didn't think of this earlier...

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like the rain falling

like the sun in the morning

like the moon at night


like the trees growing

i'm astounded by your love

and how you touch me

dancing in the night

crying like a child come home

i'd say she's in love...

once you've found the one

you can't pretend or go back...

never let him go


today is Paul's birthday

float with him in the blue sway

drifting wet and wild


OH, this is EXACTLY how I feel, My Beloved, My Lover, My Best Friend, My Teacher, My Life...


some don't understand

how could they understand? they

don't believe in love


when everything changed

when i faced all my worst fears

i had you, my soul


we are never through

this life's not the first or last

i'm yours forever





oh, the way you move
you boys lift my spirits
as dancing lifts yours

how are we defining "New Tunes"? ...ones since the millennium? I'm going w/that rule of thumb for myself; hope that's okay.


bruised and heartbroken-

how could you be so careless?

careless with my heart.


One of the many, many songs that my Beloved sent to me to express his feelings...


if i just lay here

would you come lie here with me

we'll forget the world

HAHAHAHAHA...I know we're all wordly adults, but, just in case....




To My Bilingual Baby: Tú eres mi Príapo...mi dios del sexo. Tu eres mi pecado mortal. Cojelo otra vez...


I'm no one else's

you've marked me indelibly

joder otra vez


A song My Beloved sent to me:

now and forever

even when I lose my way

I will be your man



oh, my wondrous soul

like a shimmering promise

i will search for you


your hope lifts me up

and carries me through the tears

through the many trials


in the fading hours

we must sail on, though fearful,

to track your star home


This was to be linked to Michael McDonald's "Through the Many Winters," but I can't find a video to embed, or even a good link. Geez...they're makin' it tough to steal music. Hahaha...





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