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Do you think this is progress??  It reminds me of the Dentist who fired his Dental Assistant for being irresistible......
Swaziland, a small nation in Africa has enacted a new law making it illegal for women to wear miniskirts, low-rise jeans and midriff-bearing tops. This is aimed at preventing rape.  A spokeswoman for the police has said that from what she has red on "Social Networks," both men and women have a tendency to undress people with their eyes, and this becomes even easier when dressed in revealing clothes.  Women who are in violation of the new law will be arrested, but it's not clear what their punishment will be.  The spokeswoman also added that when a woman wears revealing clothes she is ultimately responsible for a rape committed against her.  
What are your thoughts about this??

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Now I'm jealous Tim. 

Oh goodness, getting advice from social networks to make policy?  How ridiculous - and it is.  Appears that there is no such ban in Swaziland.


Simelane (government spokesperson) said the Section 28 (1, 2 and 3) of the National Constitution of the Kingdom of Swaziland (2005) protected the freedom and rights of women in the country such that no custom may be imposed on them in which they were in conscience opposed, news 24 reports.



Just wanted to let y'all know that I didn't read my original posting on a social network site - it was on MSN NOW!


But a kiss can go a long way..........lol.

It is silly to make a law forbidding the wearing of a Miniskirt. I think a woman can wear anything and look sexy.If a man has his mind on rape I don't think it matters what she is wearing.I haven't worn a mini in years.I do have a couple in my closet.I might feel like trying one  again if the occasion came up. I think how we dress should be our choice.

Steve, don't hear "not for nothin" down here in Maryland.  Always have to talk to my brother or cousins to hear it anymore. 

sorry for offending whoever with whatever

Thanks for playing Snow Bird . I love that song. It brings back a lot of good memories.   Dee




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