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A bit nostalgic this morning. These are a few of my memories. I have a million more. How about you?

Captain Kangaroo and Friends

Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha

Superman-George Reeve

Archie and Jughead

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TBS?? I guess I got a new nickname TeeBullShitter! Oh, and luvy, I was a very mature child. ;-)

Didn't Rita invent something that helped with the war effort?

Table top jukeboxes in restaurants. Put your coin in at the top and select your favorite song.

They were great hey!

My first car. A 1950 Ford Coupe. Mine was gray instead of black.

She's looking good, luv all of that shiny chrome work.

Straight six, with three on the transmission. My grandfather gave it to be 6 months before my 16th birthday. It had one tiny spot of rust about the size of a quarter, but other that that it was pretty much perfect. I must have put 50 miles on it in those six months before my birthday, driving it up and down the driveway! :-)

Sadly, about 5 months after getting my licence, my step father (who had earlier left us) called my mom and wanted to move us across the country. Since I didn't have the money to transfer the plates and the gas money to get it to Ohio, he made me sell it for $50.00. BASTARD!!!

This is very similar to our  Chrysler  Valiant V8 station waggon,

white with chrome roof-rack that hubby and I had to upgrade to

when our 2 little girls came along. Talk about spoilt -

the care that is, not the kids, ha!

I can sympathize, TeeBubba; I wish I'd never sold my '64 Plymouth Valiant, what a great car but I sold it becuz I moved across the country to get married the 1st time.  (Shoulda kept the car instead...oh, well got the marriage right the 2nd time :D)

I would gladly have traded my first wife for a stick of gum. (by the way, I got it right the second time too)

Not to worry luvy. I can't count teh number fo mine. ;-)

Good memories luvy,  we were lucky to have many happy holidays

with our car towing a 18ft caravan that we used to hire for our

annual holidays when my girls were young.




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