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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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mornings come and go
each a chance to love, or not,
i choose to love you
lingering glances
devouring my coffee cup
breakfast goes untouched
temerity gone,
timorous and faint-hearted,
you pull me closest.
Spumoni Gardens,
breezily we eat pizza
entertaining you.
her tough persona
hiding a feminine core
only seen by me
wild strength and beauty
his sunny disposition
i melt in his arms
dreary, dismal day
ain't no sunshine when he's gone
come back soon, baby

You've inspired me, Karen. I'm remembering...

she waits by the door
the doorman returns her smile
desire makes her blush

a car pulls up and
parks across Connecticut
oh, can it be him?

her body aflame
she shivers, chilled by a taste
of DC winter

the door swings open
he unfolds, stands, and sees her
his heart soars with joy

waiting for the cars
they shine across the distance
feeling the moment...

a break, he dashes...
straight into her arms he flies
the impact shakes them

they stand, silent, tears
so much longing and such love
so long they've waited

his arms enfold her
he lowers his lips to hers
only they exist

the kiss is endless
time stands still in their small world
love consumated

people nearby glow
suddenly happy, peace-filled
a dog wags his tail

the doorman chuckles
Christmas lights go on
a bright star glimmers
spinning down Bradford
untidy racks of clothing
whisper knowingly
her blouse unbuttoned...
exposed, she waits for his touch
vibrating with love

his eyes take her in
smoldering, with half-closed lids
he longs to touch her

he reaches out, stops,
touching the cold monitor
rather than warm flesh

the gods laugh at them
close as poor humans can get
and as far away

theirs is the last laugh
nothing will keep them apart
not the gods, or death
Sorry, Arthur. My Beloved and I are separated by illness, but the gods won't have the last laugh. Our love and union are a fait accompli.
Sophocles underlined...
Riding Antiquity Train
toward her caress.




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