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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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when I'd lost hope
you put me back together
and gave me your heart

that's why i go on...
to love you for who you are
and keep your heart safe

your smile surrounds me
when i close my weary eyes
every word comes back

i can't protect you
from the course of a life but
i was born to try

just like you my love
this puts a smile on my lips
you make my heart sing

as some open gifts
i unwrap my memories
and rejoice in you

i guarantee draughn
you'll live forever in me
it's just meant to be

How desperately I miss you, Beloved.

I'm listening to one of our tapes. Your voice has that sweet, warm quality it had when you were relaxed and happy and in love. You're reading about the age of enlightenment. During a section about enlightenment writers you query, "Okay, did you get all that? "  (I'd been typing.)

 "N-n-nope", I say---we laugh.

"I didn't think so. Okay, pull out a sheet of paper." Another round of laughter. "How about the ideas of Newton and Locke..."

"How about them?" more giggles.

In your best professorial voice, with a smile, "Well, let's explore these things, A. ..."  I laugh and melt just hearing my name.

A small pause, then plaintively, "Do I have to before we have SEX?!"

BIG laugh.

"Uh, yes. Do you have any questions? No? Then I'll proceed. Isaac Newton and John Locke had sex..."

And so it goes. Laughter. Intimacy. Joy. Ease. Love.

Life is bleak without you.

can i rise above
i built my life around you
landslide brought it down

A replacement for the video YT pulled.

Copying our notes deep into the night, I read this: 

As I sat in the shower this morning, feeling you, "I say a little prayer" played in my mind ~

I'm listening to Dionne sing it now.

Sending out endless prayers and love to you, My Heart and Soul. 

I'm infused with you. We embrace another day, and each other, as we always will.

I love you so, My Eternity.

Your Draughn

The lyrics say it all--what you were feeling then and what I'm feeling now.

forever you'll stay
in my heart and i'll love you
we never will part

Oh, how I love you. To live without you would only mean heartbreak. For me there is no one but you.

Forever, Draughn.

Your A.

You sent this song to me saying, "I listened to this while I was in the shower this morning, and I was with you.  I don't think you were looking for a place to hide, but the rest is true..."

so lost and lonely
you made me want to survive
love keeps us alive

now that i've found you
there's no emptiness inside
love keeps us alive

i would die for you
there's nothing i wouldn't do
love keeps us alive

 one day you told me

"you should be disappointed"--

not ever in you    


I'm dancing with you. We move freely, fluidly, pressed close. I vibrate from your touch. I feel the sunshine inside you. It fills my world.

keep moving don't stop
i know the time will come when
you'll be here always




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