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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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tear down all the walls
break the bonds of man and gods
fulfill destiny

bigger than my skin
push it down and down again
it never relents

vast strength and courage
more than you will ever know
spent on surrender

forged for one purpose
careening through time and space
lost until i'm found

my lover is joy
he is unbridled passion
dancing in my soul

bitter the parting
entwined hearts torn asunder
the river flows on

will you marry me
however next you find me
beautiful or plain

will i see your face
glow with hope for the future
and children unborn

a lifetime to share
shooting stars mark our passage
will you marry me

longing but so tired
he nods off against his will
too sleepy for love

his face beatific
smile sweet as a little boy's...
ma vraie raison d'être

Para ti, Mi Gran Amor~

cuerpos unidos
almas entrelazadas
amor eterno

mo anam cara
our souls flowing together
impregnable home

my pulse still races
every time i think of you
the grace in my heart

my beloved one
tall strong wise and ever young
paragon of man

i see in your eyes
the resolution to all
my fruitless searches

maybe i'm crazy
when he's gone the sun don't shine
can't help lovin' him

the sun sets for good
taking all life's joys with it
still one star shines bright




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