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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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remembering you
knowing the touch and the heart
the vows that bind us

nothing is required
no sacrifice to prove it...
I already know
shenandoah dusk
our bodies well used and tired
our two souls at peace

you're holding my hand
watching the autumn sunset
the colors of love

we are one with life
no resistance, no struggle
it flows over us

and all nature sings...
our hearts know the melody
oldest song of all
hesitant at first,
you come without artifice
your heart in your hand

i take it from you
gently as i'd hold a bird
knowing its great worth

i enshrine your gift
in the only fit vessel...
heart within a heart
bright sunshine outside...
you sit in your office chair
a titan in chains
the absence of you
is hard to bear, but i do...
your love sustains me
i lay beside you
the moon moved in its orbit
our souls felt its pull

your hand on my heart
our tears rose and fell like waves
on an endless sea

the bans were broken
our great love set free at last
our joy lit the world
you ask for nothing
a great light shines from your soul
you give everything
seventeen months back
initial spark; now great love
a new life ahead
in dreams and visions
i saw a dark man walking
it was always you
i call you "husband"...
without pause, you respond, "wife!"
our future calls us
embrace me, darling
let me rest in your strong arms
i am so weary
hot, serrated, bronzed
the blade of the seabound sun
sailing far from shore

you yearn toward dry land
where I wait, my arms outstretched
quiet as a kiss




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