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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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overhead fan turns
blankets and pillows away
from luminous night
distressed, uncertain
"i'm not strong enough for this"
i say, "yes you are"

his head in his hands
"i'm tired of feeling constrained"
i say, "free yourself"

i want to help him
to make him see through my eyes
but he must decide

"i confound myself"
i watch the great man i love
tear himself apart

but i know the truth
he will find the strength he needs
a miracle waits...


Song--Expect A Miracle, Brenda Russell

you are not alone
in the wake of the tempest
i'm with you always
hand-in-hand they float
high above all earthly cares
two who became one
dancing in eden
garden of earthly delight
safe within their hearts

hamster paws twitching
roly poly pile of love
distracted by lunch

hamster paws in air
reminds me of a sweet dream
legs spread, soft warm fur.......
hold my little paw
feed me lettuce and popcorn
soft fur comes later

Tee hee...hamster love....
anything like muskrat love?

Does that come in a dispenser??? :>)
swept into your arms
we dance far from jaded eyes
all our love unbound

does watch with their fauns
songbirds voice our hearts' music
gaia calls us home




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