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For what do you yearn? Is it a painful or piquant feeling?



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That is very beautiful. Thanks

You're beautiful.

I did what I did

in the best way at that time

now I sure wonder


though mistakes were made

many things were done just right

savor those moments

you're so very right
we all do the best we can
for better or worse

so many choices
i wish i could make over...
it is what it is

Long to write again
Pain a good motivator
Also deterrent

writing sometimes hurts

release from the brain to pen

can be explosive

So true--what both of you say!

Today I reflect

Longing to be with my friend

Star, you will be missed

Thally, because you say, "Star, you will be missed," I assume that this is a new loss. New or old, I am so sorry for it.

Star exudes a lovely, lively, life-affirming vibe in this photo. Wherever she is now, I hope that it's a reality brighter and more beautiful than she ever imagined.

the losses mount up...
we reach for familiar hands
and touch memories


life turned on its head...
erase the difficulties
put happiness there

my dream hums with you

the world goes still at daybreak

broken day, still world 

you know you want that

you can taste it in your mind

it warms your hope spot




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