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It's 90 here, what's happening where you are?

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A week ago, it was reaching 90's, so we put window AC in the loft bedroom, anticipating guests. The loft is largely untouched by house HVAC, so it just exaggerates outside conditions.  My grandson and fiancee moved in and we had to pull AC out to get window to shut again as night-time temps dropped into low 40's. Now Josi is threatening to make me put it back in again. Everytime I install it, I have to rebuild the platform it rests on in window sill.

Will have a mini heat wave here for the next day or so...maybe 90 tomorrow before we get back into the upper 60's. A week ago I almost had heart failure when I saw frost on the neighbor's roof just after I planted my tomatoes, but it only had dropped to 35. Only thing missing is rain...nothing in the long range forecast....not good.

Earlier this week the temp was 95 with a "real feel" of 102! My goodness, if it's like this now, what's August going to be like?

The weather has been crazy hot the last couple of weeks and I'm in northeast N.J. Last week it reached 98 with a real feel of 106. We were in A.C. at the time where it was a bit cooler. This week again it's supposed to hit 96 with a real feel of 102. 

It's been in the 90's here in Florida. This is the rainy season here so it rains pretty much every day. 

IT's been 100-105 mostly here. Nighttime lows around 70. I used to not mind the heat but each year it seems to be getting worse.




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