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Got a few white, but 98% are multi colored. And probably 80% of those are motion or blinking lights.

Open presents on Christmas eve, or wait for morning?

Christmas eve - save the morning time for cooking and eating.

Main course: poultry, beef or ham?

My choice is ham, but the scuttle butt for Christmas day at our niece's house this year will be lasagna.

I hope not cause her lasagna Is bad. No... really,!!! Her lasagna is really, really bad!!!

 (I would much rather stay at home, but feelings would be hurt)

I'll go and eat a lot of salad.

Bite the bullet and be uncomfortable , or don't go??

Bite the bullet, as I rarely get uncomfortable. I make OTHER people uncomfortable, so it's no skin off mine.

Flies in the buttermilk, or chicken in the bread pan ?

chicken in the bread pan (pickin' out dough)


buttermilk or yogurt?


pizza, delivery, or make your own?

A take & bake made fresh and add your own stuff.

creamy garlic or tangy tomato?

Garlic, garlic, garlic.

Leopard or tiger print on your truss ?

Gotta go with leopard. I tried the tiger print, but those stripes make me look fatter than I already am.

Gain an extra 10 pounds, or give up your top three favorite things to eat?

Can't afford another ten on the belly. But also cannot give up pasta chips or cocktails. Life has to be worth living.

Give up: pasta, chips or cocktails?

Chips - Watching my sodium.

Clean out the toaster oven or take it easy and allow myself to get over the flu ?

TAKE IT EASY!!! The damn toaster oven will still be there when you feel better. (might be a little dirtier, but screw it)

Did you get a flu shot this year, or blow it off?




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