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Leftovers taste even better after they have "aged."

freeze the excess or give it all away to whomever...?
freeze it and keep it.Give me and Mrs.Pennyapcker some.
We like turkey!

black friday, stay home shop online or get up early to go to stores.
Black Friday - I'll stay home!

Christmas decorating - start now, or wait for December?
wait til Dec. First I have to finish raking leaves. One thing at a time.
Brick by brick , rome wasn't built in a day.

rainy or sunny?
sunny (until everything living starts to die)

at home: sweat pants or jeans?
at home? sweat pants

going shopping - jeans or slacks?

cowboy boots or sneakers ?

3 inside cats or 2 outside cats (all of whom are spoiled)?
inside cats- I got one. She has a heated cat bed. Spoiled.

toy dog or medium sized dog?
Sorry, no dogs. Our house is just too small!

Fashion boots or snow boots?
Steel-toe Dr. Martens, please!

Heineken or Budweiser?
Neither, but a Kahlua and cream would be good!

short-haired cats or short-haired dogs?




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