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I'll begin with.....


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Mid-tempo until the crescendo explodes into a climax.... :-P
(Morning, Aggie!!!)

Post-coital cuddling: Yes or No?

Magnum PI or Rockford Files?
"Rockford Files"

Sausage or pepperoni?
Tough one, but I'm gonna go with pizza.

Apple juice or hard cider?
Apple Juice

Tombstone or Young Guns
"Tombstone". Val Kilmer killed in that movie.

"Dr. Strangelove" or "A Clockwork Orange"?
Dr. Strangelove....who can forget the image of Slim Pickens riding the bomb waving his hat and "yee-hawin' " on his way down?!!!!?

"Another State of Mind" or "The Decline of Western Civilization"?
I'd rather experience another state of mind than experience the decline of Western Civilization (although aren't we in the midst of experiencing the decline of the Western Civilization, & maybe in the end that won't be such a bad thing?) but I'm guessing you're referring to something more specific than my waxing philosophical.

Whey Protein & Low-Fat organic milk or a whopper & fries?
neither but I have to go with whey & Low fat milk.
if forced too.

Shawshank Dedemption or The Green Mile?
Shawshank Redemption

Outer limits or Twilight Zone
trenchcoat ;)

trail bike or road bike
trail bike

paddle tennis or horseshoes




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