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I'll begin with.....


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Jukebox or Piano
Piano... but there are times a jukebox is fun

out for the evening.... bar or night club?
I know I'm pushing it again but I can't decide! I like both! =)

Moonwalk or chicken dance (everyones danced one of these!)
chicken dance

shower in the morning or evening

(songs)Pretty Woman or LA Woman
Pretty Woman (The Van Halen cover version!!!)

The Dark Side of the Moon or The Eminem Show?
The Dark Side of the moon

Renegades of funk or Baby hold on to me
I'll take Emerson, Lake and Palmer over The Electric Light Orchestra and,
as much as I can't stand Rage Against The Machine, I'd rather listen to them than Eddie Money.

David Allan Coe or Merle Haggard?
ummm merle haggard

Spicy tuna roll or pickled eggs
reading glasses! no trouble at all wearing reading glasses. (never understood why my ex was sooo opposed to them for himself. He even stopped wearing his contact lenses & wears his regular glasses all the time, so he can take them off to read. ?)

cats or dogs? (as pets, not dinner '-)
Not dinner?!!!? Those poor Asian Bistros will go out of business!!!

I'm not partial as I grew up with both but if push came to shove I'd pick
the dog.

Ankle biter or full-size dog?
ankle biter

Dog or Horse races




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