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I'll begin with.....


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Don't often skip breakfast, but don't eat donuts for breakfast either.

Eggs, scrambled or fried?


bacon or sausage?



Treasure Island or Fantasy Island?

Fantasy Island

Tattoo or Mr. Roark?

Mr. Roark


Life With Father or Make Room for Daddy?

Don't remember LWF. Remember Make Room and Father Knows Best.

Prefer Make Room for Daddy.

Modern Family or Parenthood? (or whatever current family take on life takes your fancy.)

LWF was a book and a movie.

I like, maybe, The Goldbergs on ABC

Holiday season:  sorry to see it go or thank God it's over with!?

A little of both.

New Year's Eve, go out and party, or hunker down at home/

Yawn...watch the ball drop on TV.

The next day: snacks & sips with good friends, or stretched out with a good book and your journal?

I like snacks & sips with good friends. But it will be a little, and by a little, I mean a LOT, hectic cause the kids are moving back in on the 29th. 

Keep your master bedroom, or give it up for the kids. Hint, we are giving it up. (three of them, two of us)

We gave up a master bedroom for an adult kid fresh out of the hospital, and no regrets.

Save your money, or...um...spread it around to do some good?

Both.  Neither a miser nor a soft touch be.


Lollapalooza or Beale Street music fest?




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