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Got the shot

Care for eggnog, or not so much?

Ehh, not so much. Maybe if there was more booze????

News Years Party, at home, close by, or out and about??

We usually stay home, but the "across the street" neighbors have asked us to come and hang out with them. Very informal, but they're tradition is to all hold hands, and jump into the swimming pool at midnight.

I forgot to ask if swim wear was required.

Swim suits or skinny dipping?

Suits, definitely. At my age, the less old skin on display the better.

Dancing in the moonlight or strolling in the daylight?

dancing in the moonlight


East coast or West coast?

Gulf coast.

Water, with or without lemon.

water with lemon, please.

Hot tea with lemon or milk?

Neither, thanks, I use Splenda in my tea.


Black tea or green tea?

Prefer black, but do drink green once in a while.

Hot tea, or iced?

Prefer iced, but enjoy hot in the winter

peanut butter or cheese on your snack crackers?

peanut butter


satin or silk?


crew or tube sox?

Socks make the hair on my legs itch. I've been wearing footies for about 25 years.

sandals or moccasins?




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