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Avacado green

stuffing w/ sausage or with out?
Without. I do like cranberries and pecans in my stuffing, but this year I am also considering bacon and apples.

White bread, cornbread, or whole wheat for the stuffing?
White bread

Bought turkey frozen or non-frozen?

I made a stuffing w/ apples/walnuts/ cranberries /wheat bread and corn bread,
every liked it and wanted recipe.

going for a walk after Thanksgiving dinner or taking a nap?
Neither - will be watching Christmas specials on TV, or doing dishes.

wine or sparkling grape juice?
coors light.
but to serve for guests wine.

traveling or staying home?
staying home

place mats or linen tablecloth?
place mats.

buffet or sitdown with dishes on table?
Gonna have to be buffet cause the table isn't big enough. Heck, I'm not sure we can fit enough chairs around it either.

Everybody at one table, or adults at one table, and a kiddy table for the tykes? (won't work here cause the little ones are just too little)
little ones at a table ( if they are big enuf), old farts at another table.

mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes roasted?
mashed - with mucho gravy.

dessert right after, or wait an hour?
Oh... I stuff so much stuffing that I gotta wait 2 hours for dessert.

Eat it all or have left overs?




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