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I'll begin with.....


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does it matter? I take coors light in a can!

deep fryed turkey or roasted?
roasted turkey

pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie?
I'll take a little of both please.

Do you say grace, or just dig in?
Say gace w/MIL or aunt, if they're there. Just us - dig in.

Dine in the afternoon or te evening?

wine or beer
Ice Cold Bud Lite 4 me.

College Ball or Pro Ball?
Neither - I'm not a sports fan.

Pecan pie or sweet potato pie?
that is a coin toss.
I guess I would have to go w/ real southern Pecan pie.
I want both do I have to choose?
How about putting pecans in the sweet potato pie?
I put pecans in pumpkin pie and it came out rooting tooting good.

green bean casserole or macaroni & cheese ?
Green bean casserole.

Oven baked, or deep fried turkey?
I like oven baked, but some rave about turkey on the barbie.(I've never tried it that way).

apple cider or cranberry juice?
cranberry juice.

canned jellied cranberry sauce or home made?
I like both, but slightly prefer the canned, jellied cranberry sauce.

Harvest Gold or Avocado Green?




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