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I'll begin with.....


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Ultimate Fighting Championship

cranky old farts or screaming little brats?
cranky old farts - they're easier to catch

jellied cranberry sauce ot cranberry/orange relish?
jellied cranberry sauce

Stuffing - bread/herb or chestnut?
bread/herb (chestnuts are separate)

butternut squash or sweet potatoes?
butternut squash

pumpkin pie - with whipped cream or plain?
pumpkin pie with lite Cool Whip

ham or turkey

Spring or Fall?
Spring - my birthday is at the start of Spring!
I like your new avatar, Westerly!

gold - yellow or rose?

Elliptical or treadmill?
Tart apple for pies, etc., sweet apple for eating raw

sapphires or rubies?
sapphires - beautiful shade of blue & my birth stone

gym work out or art class?
I do both at home, I grade myself on my art, today so far i got an A but I am not done.
Later I will do a workout on my Cardio glide and Gazelle. ( elliptical broken,waiting for new one), tomorrow also do Total Gym and the cardioglide and Gazelle.
Mrs.Pennypacker is my personal trainer.
( P.S. in school art and gym were the only classes I had straight A's in)!

Frankenstein or Jason from Friday the 13th?




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