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Cultural Icon. Jerry Garcia was the drug-addled hippie.

two-prong or three-prong?
You can use a 2-prong in a three prong outlet, but not a 3-prong in a 2-prong outlet (unless you clip off the 3d prong, which is not advised).

Pants & matching jacket: gray or brown?

bootlegged/flared pants or straight legged?
straight legged

Regular waist or low-riding waist jeans?
Depends on who's wearing them.

Shakira? Low riders. John Malkovich? I'd rather not think about it.

Biscuits & Gravy or a loaded breakfast burrito?
Oh, man - decisions, decisons! Prob a loaded spicy breakfast burrito, though if you add sausage to the b&gravy, now you're talking.

loaded baked potato, creamy mashed or thick-cut fries w/crispy skins?
Crispy fries.

Hard cover or paperback?
hard cover

red beans or black beans
red beans

blond(e) or brunet(te)?
prob brunette, as I was never a blonde for one day, and coloring is too tan to fake it.

Useful, practical dining service from a local department store, or that antique, delicate china granny is saving for you?
The former....Granny's antiques need to be preserved.

Grapefruit Juice or Prune juice?
Heh, heh...pretty puckery either way. Pink grapefruit juice along with a full breakfast.

grape arbor or rose garden?




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