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Rules: Choose one and leave two for the next person..

I'll begin with.....


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goobers or raisinets?
I don't know what goobers are, so I'll go w/raisinets.

Thai or Chinese? (food, hehehe '-)
Thai is unknown to me; so I'd like to try that.

fm radio or downloaded tunes w/ear buds?
hmmm.... downloaded tunes, I guess.

(btw... I just made some good Thai myself, w/a seasoning mix & a little help from "A Taste of Thai". If you're interested, let me know & I'll tell you about it)

Pandora or YouTube?
(Yes! Send me a pm w/directions)

Duh! "On Demand" on Ch 1? *dunce cap*

electric or gas stove?
(Goobers are chocolate covered peanuts popular for movie goers, as are rasinets, chocolate covered raisins. made by Nestle.)

trial and error or reading the directions?
I vascillate b/t the 2, but I'd say usually I read the directions.

Westerly, I missed the "On Demand" on Ch 1 - what?

Since it's only women playing tonight...

fru-fru or no? (I'm a little bit fru-fru & a lot not '-)
(actually On Demand is only a certain cable co. & geezerism)

No fru-fru for me - it adds ten pounds. Give me sharp b&w print or bright top w/plain slacks, or jeans & pocket-T.

clear lucite picture protectors or a fancy wood frame?
depends on what is framed. Oil painting, wood frame, photos the other kind.

3 Musketeers or Milky Way candy bars?
I forgot what those two taste like now! I like Almond Joy or Baby Ruth.

Your b'day dinner (at home): candle light or regular lighting?
Regular lighting at the restaurant, because I'm not cooking on my birthday! LOL!

eggs - pickled or devilled?

camp ground or motel?




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