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Lately I've been having a hard time staying on topic on these questions.

I wonder if I should put more blueberries on my cereal every morning?   Or at least put them on, on the days that I'm gonna eat cereal.

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Yep....maybe twenty miles away or so, but you can park in my driveway. I'd be honored.
Robbie's just fantasizing about heading north b/c he's been so hot the last couple of weeks in Texas & AL & Georgia. Robbie, my summers in Michigan were sweltering hot! Tell him, Stir.
No sweltering up where I'm located....
Stir, you need more lutefisk.
Half Swedes don't qualify for lutefisk!
OK B, you asked for it!


I think DD loves this stuff!
I do! It means it's Christmas and I get to open my presents as soon as I finish my lutefisk.

But, oh, the heartburn...
I think I've posted this before, but this is what it's like to eat it: http://www.pavekmuseum.org/Boone&Erickson-Lutefisk.mp3
Yah, dere D.D., dat's how I remember it from da Christmas of 1957 spent at Uncle Bernie's house in Madison, Wisconsin.
Yah, before I forgot, I t'ought I'd better post dis one for D.D.

........and look out for dat lead yo-yo!

Lutefisk: an unacquirable taste.
Lefse: a neutral feltlike material used to wrap lutefisk to avoid contact with taste buds.
Yah, dat sums 'er up pretty good dere, Shay!




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