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Lately I've been having a hard time staying on topic on these questions.

I wonder if I should put more blueberries on my cereal every morning?   Or at least put them on, on the days that I'm gonna eat cereal.

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stir, you write like winnie the pooh thinks.
Oh dear......
That's what my doctor told me....but she tells that to everybody.
LOL! Yep, that's her!
Lately? hmmm.... I'm not sure I remember a time when I didn't have a hard time staying on topic. I had an epiphany several years ago. I shared it w/my ex, saying, "You know, if there's such a thing as adult onset A.D.D., I think I might have it!" He looked at me stunned that this would be an epiphany, and oh so dryly simply said, "No sh!t," & went about what he was doing.


I've since decided that I was mistaken.

hey! did you hear Robbie & I had dinner together tonight?! '-)
Dinner pics please!
Darn it, Stir! We forgot pics!! :-(
OK, now I'm jealous.
Does it make a difference if the blueberries are on top of the cereal, mixed with the cereal, or under the cereal. Does milk go on before or after the blueberry application? I prefer fresh strawberries.
I dunno, do strawberries provide the same (supposed) memory enhancement and alacrity in thinking as the bloobs?
I had my camera out in the car and totally forgot it. I didn't have any blueberries with my cereal this morning.
Yup, that'll do it Robbie! I didn't have any myself today either. I went for the German Omlette with habanero sauce, down at the greasy spoon.
Are there any RV parks up in your neck of the woods?




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