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Welcome to Ladyg’s Place, a place to come in and visit
with friends, listen to music, read, laugh, eat goodies....have'
fresh brewed coffee, tea, hot coco and a Dew or two!!!

If no one is around just leave a note to let us know you came
by....Your money isn't any good here, but your friendship is




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stay warm....

Well Faye Mary, Lynn and myself check in everyday. I have started a party group in My Atlantis and we will be having some great fun. I hope you continue to stop by and check in on us.


hide it's monday cat

Monday is like any other day to me right now.

Try to enjoy it guys.

i enjoy every day...at least some parts of it!

have a good one!

A wonderful Tuesday Morning to all.......starting out my work week......:)

happy tuesday
Is it possible for dogs to have hairballs?  There's this thing on my carpet.

Well yes I think so, esp if the dog is a long haired one...I have a long haired

cat,(calico) and she always has problems with hairballs, so I just get her food

that is formatuled for hairballs. Gosh, I hope this was somewhat helpful to you. :)

Turns out it wasn't a hairball after all.
happy tuesday

hello, all!


Faye, i've always been told that dogs rarely vomit, that it's very hard to make them do so, so i'd be surprised if what you found had been a hairball.  not to mention, the canines aren't nearly so obsessive about grooming themselves!  my daughter sometimes washes her cats, but that's not something i'd try; maybe a dog bath, tho, LOL!

buzzin by to say happy wednesday hello kitty




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