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Hello and Welcome to all that come by our humble lounge. Please sit and have coffee and breakfast or we also have take out if you need to get to work. A place for people to come in the morning for coffee and conversation, evening for music, drinks, fun and weekend parties. Where everybody knows your name and we’re awfully glad you came, oh wait that was CHEERS.

Leave a message and say hello, we are so glad that you stopped by to visit us.

Ladyg - Owner
Mary - Manager
Lynn - Bartender

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Awesome!! I love New Year's Party's here!!!  I'm so glad you and family are alright y'all have been in my prayers!!!:)

Ladyg, i'm glad you're okay.  being busy is good, i just knew there was lousy weather near you....

Mary, i checked your photos, love the one of you in plaid watch cap!  and the newest, too!

I'm heading north to see my girls tomorrow, and won't be back 'til late on saturday or if the weather goes sour, maybe even sunday, so don't look for me tomorrow or saturday OR even saturday nite!  but i'll definitely be here for the NY Eve party!

Good Morning Gatherers............welcome please come on in have a cup of coffee and doughnuts on us, leave a note check with you all later..............

Oh my gosh it's Krispy Kreme Donuts, I lovvvvvvvveeeeeeeee  KK......yummmyyyyyyy!!!!  Thank you Ladyg wonderful surprise for sure!!!  BBL   :))

Well good day to everyone and I am looking forward to the New Years Eve party..

Good Morning Gatherers..............it is 43 in Mobile, Al. this morning, high today around 50, low around 30 tonight. So I am preparing for our annual New Year's Eve Party so there will not be a party tonight. I have some goodies for everyone this morning, have a great day.

Wow everything looks good- Happy Saturday to one and all

back home safely, see you all on Sunday, and thereafter!

Yayyyyyyyyyy  I'm so happy you made it there and back home all safe and sound, {{{{Lynn}}}}

good morning, all!  i slept like a rock, last nite, but today looks brighter.  literally, the sun is blinding bright on the snow!  i just want to go outside and soak it up, never mind how chilly it is....  and the streets are clear, that's a very good thing!  i think i'll head off to the pool in a few minutes, as an excuse to get out of the house!

Hi people that's a fine looking restaurant just thought i would drop by we are heading for 2013 very fast in new zealand its only 9 hours away so i will wish you all a very happy and healthy 2013 and don't do anything i would not do so that should give you plenty of scope

Hi Teddy!! Thanks for coming by and for the New Year Wishes too!!!  Please feel free to drop in anytime to visit...and May you have a Wonderful Blessed New Year too!!!! :)




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