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Do you have a junk drawer at your place? Where is it.....kitchen, bathroom, garage? Do things turn up there that defy description and you don't know where they came  from or where they go?? Is it organized or really neat???  Post pictures.....i dare you.

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Shoot, I thought this might be a J-Lo video.


Stirs: "Shoot, I thought this might be a J-Lo video."


My whole house is like a junk drawer.  I hope the "American Pickers" never find out about my place.  Every time I watch that show about the hoarders, I have to get up and peek out the window to make sure "they" aren't coming for me.


The orignal junk drawer is in the kitchen.  It grew from there.

But it's organized junk, right??
Ah, no, not really.
I'm sorely disappointed......you seemed so....so together.......*sigh*

No, he didn't. When did Stir ever seem "so.... so together"?


Sorry, Stir, I'm just sayin'...

My maturity guage is stuck on 12, Deez.
You started smoking weed at 12, didn't you, Stir? '-)

Ditto, Stir. Except I don't watch TV, so I don't know who the American Pickers are.


Bob.... is that a real pic of your junk drawer? I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.

not real.....sorry.




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