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The 4th of July
family get togethers
praise to red, white, blue

What's it mean to you?
Party with friends all night long?
Night full of fireworks?

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freedom - year later

more free than ever in ways

and in others, less

our nations's birthday

valuable freedom price

much blood sweat and tears


to one more U.S.A.

may we have so many more

let's let freedom ring

on your mountaintop
you watch three fireworks displays
wishing you were here

red white and blue sparks
form a flag in the night sky
your mind is elsewhere

a girl in a bed
her glittering eyes blue sparks
her love your freedom

a girl in a bed
dreaming of sparkling green eyes
that watch the night sky

fireworks in her heart
she celebrates deliverance
your love her freedom

it's another 4th

seems like we just had last one

let's let freedom ring

perhaps a parade
a barbecue and fireworks...
i can only guess

today off, some golf

tomorrow,  family time 

then, relaxation

loud booms fill the air

we fill our lungs with freedom

let's all celebrate

our country's birthday

home of the free and the brave

may many more be

I certainly hope so, M.! We all have to get on the stick to make sure that happens...

freedom is not free
after some years of coasting
perhaps the bill's due




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