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OK Jeopardy fans, after two weeks what's the preliminary reviews on the job Ken Jennings has done replacing Alex Trebek? I read that he has at least four more weeks already taped but at some point they are also going to give tryouts to Katie Couric, Bill Whitaker, Aaron Rodgers, Mayim Bialik, and maybe more. Any opinions?

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I thought casting Ken Jennings was a no-brainer, so I'm a bit surprised that so far I am mildly disappointed in him. There is no flagrant complaint, but he seems to be just trying to be a Trebek imitation. I need to see a little more of his own personality. I am actually looking forward to seeing Aaron Rogers take a stab at it.

Haven't watched it in nearly 8 years but they need to pick a full time host and get this running like Alex did for years.  Chaos isn't the answer

Jennings knows the game. He's been there. Honestly, he should be the man to replace Alex. 

I have only watched part of the show with Ken hosting and he wasn't too bad I will have to watch it more and see

He's adequate, knows what he's doing, but seems to be rather flat personality wise. Will see who else might fill the bill. 

I read Alex Trebek's book, "The Answer Is...." He finished it shortly before he passed. I highly recommend it if you are at all a Jeopardy fan. It says a lot about the man he was. One thing he stressed about a host of Jeopardy. He stressed they call him/her the host and not the star. He stressed that the show was all about the contestants, not about the host. I think Ken Jennings is trying to uphold that wish.

I don't watch the show but I've read reviews about Ken as host and they weren't that favorable. I guess Alex Trebek is a hard act to follow anyway.




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