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Some people like to do it early in the morning as a real invigorating way to start the day. Others like it better just before bedtime. Allows them to feel really relaxed afterwards and makes falling asleep  much easier.

Which do you prefer? Or are you one of the fortunate few who can engage  in and enjoy  it at anytime during the day?

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Do you prefer standing, sitting, or laying back with a nice pillow and a book?
You want to do it with gigglesnort?
nix on the book.
you wouldn't want to get distracted.
Reply by Jaylee53 1 minute ago
nix on the book.

Might get wet?
LOL (Click Me)
Especially if bubbles are involved

I never have understood this thread.  I'm pretty dense sometimes.


It's kinda sittin' around a table of old guys. You can't hear half of what's said so you just nod your head "yes" and then "no"......works for me.
lol! "-D

~nods yes to Bob~






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