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I was looking through some old questions that have been asked around this site and there are several about money.  Some ask what you would do if you suddenly had a million bucks or several thousand bucks?

What if I gave you ten bucks?  Where would it go?  Would you spend it today?

If someone gave me ten bucks it would go straight in my purse and probably end up at the Einstein Bagel place near where I work.  I usually use a credit card, but sometimes I just want something like a cup of coffee.  Whatever I didn't spend there would probably end up in various tip jars around the area.

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That's an idea.

I might send it to my niece in a birthday card, but ten bucks is kind of chintzy these days isn't it?

Send me some money, Slim, a large quantity of hundred's would be fine, and I'll let you know what i do with it.

Hundreds?  The topic of this thread is ten dollars and I'll be happy to put it on your credit card if you'll send me your account number.

What!!?? What!!? Ten dollars??? Oh...never mind then.

Can I have Bob's $10?

That depends.  What are you going to do with it?

Blow it on something silly my grandson. We had a sleepover last night and I had bought finger lights for us to play with. TINY (but bright) lights with small elastic bands so you can slip the lights on your fingers and point and shine colored lights. I also bought some squirt guns for us to play with in the pool. 

That sounds like a worthy plan.  Simple and memorable.  Priceless.

I miss my grandparents......:-(

I miss mine too, although once I got older I learned that my dear Grandpa was really a grouchyold man that nobody liked.  I adored him.

My grandfather was also very stand offish. But not to me, I was Bubber, no not Bubba, to him, and we were best friends.  I didn't get to spend anywhere near the amount of time with him as I wanted, but as a little kid without a father, grandpa was pretty much God to me. He was a blacksmith, and many of my fondest memories, (but not all) are of us in the garage behind his home where his blacksmith shop was. I remember how cool it was to crank the handle that fed air to his forge. I remember when he went high tech and bought an (electric??) machine that pounded the metal instead of him swinging a hammer. I remember picking up a piece of that had been melted and cooled into a flat circular HEAVY piece of lead, and him saying be careful with that, about 2 seconds before I dropped on my foot. Toenail turned black and fell off after that little incident. I remember him as a a gruff old man with a heart of gold. I loved that old man then, and I still do!

Ten bucks? Well I guess the senor rate at the movies and some popcorn. If you gave me 20 bucks I'd take my husband ha ha.




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