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My hair started turning darker at the roots a few years ago so I decided to match the bottom to the roots about 6 months ago. My ex hub's GF said she knew what she was doing. Hmm... She used a medium ash brown on my virgin hair but took forever to put it on & then told me to leave it on for 15 minutes longer than directions. I finally got sense enough to wash it out when I saw it turning so dark. It was permanent. She turned my hair black as a raven's wing. I just bought a permanent medium golden brown and did a strand test today. It didn't do squat. Does anyone have suggestions? My name is Cherokee for Raven but I don't want black hair. It has gradually turned to darkest brown but I want my natural color back. (on profile pic) I've tried temporary and it won't lighten hair. I haven't been in a salon since I was a teenager and really don't want to go. But my hair has grown about 6 inches since profile pic and my roots are golden brown. (I think) After all this I'm getting a few white streaks, which I think are kind of cool but now roots are lighter and ends almost black. Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo it? Help??? Moral of story - never let ex's GF touch my hair again.

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I am SO happy to see this is coming along well! Thanks very much for the update, and yes, I and others shall be tapping our foot(s) ;) awaiting more pictures. My GF will be very happy for you too. She has asked after you. Don't forget to deep condition once a week! xoxo




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