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We all have them...big and small...the wonder and fearful beauty of being human. Nothing to be ashamed of, and kept inside they can wreck havoc. Bring them out in the sun.

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Boy, do I relate to this!
far too sensitive
to other's transient thoughts
best left unnoticed
can love disappear?
white hot one day, cold the next...
how could that happen?

or is it boxed up
forgotten on a high shelf
out of the heart's reach?

fearful symmetry
tiger tiger burning bright
your heart beats in me

we come into life
plump little fists grasping tight...
we want everything

we go out of life
hands open in awareness
none of it matters

how will you live life
from alpha to omega...
hands closed or open?

talking 'til i'm blue
i never say the right words
to weaken the wall

foolishly hoping...
gathering pictures of dreams
only I believe

i'm so badly flawed
but none of my flaws involve
not adoring you




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