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It's been really quiet on here, except for the one discussion.  How is everyone doing? 

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I'm a brats man myself.

I can believe that,Johnnie...boy this topic is running wild.

heya Phil,how nice is this?

22     Girls Eating Hot Dogs (78 pics)

That's a lot of hot dogs

bless her heart,she's a real trooper.

My kind of woman!

gives me a warm fuzzy.

 I had a pretty busy Saturday,Trying to clean the patio in between the thunder and lightening storms. I took a ride over to the beach. It was so beautiful. A little scary too. The water was all huge white foamy waves, Today Sunday we went to church.It was nice to be there, I enjoy going to early Service. The rest of the day was stormy again. I hope you are feeling better Flipper. Have a nice new week everyone,


Hi Dee, 

What church do you attend?

Hi Phil,

I go to St.Luke's Presbyterian Church. It is a very small  church, I really enjoy going. What church do you attend?

 I hope all is well with you.    Dee

Way cool. 

I like a small fellowship.  Community Bible Church is growing in recent days.  Check it out, and enjoy a restful Tuesday, sister.


Karin M Fichtner

I don't know what you guys are talking about.....I'm addressing the culinary art of hot dog making. ;-)
Pass the mustard. :-)
Me too




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