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It's been really quiet on here, except for the one discussion.  How is everyone doing? 

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How many dogs can you consume in three minutes?

i'm not a competitor. I can only do probably 2 in 3 minutes,far from any record.but,i do like watching the women's hot dog eating competition.there's something so natural about it.

I dig. 

If only fellatio could be an open competition, eh?  Only in a perfect world, I suppose. 

Oh well, we still got hot dog eating competitions to enjoy.  I wonder if women prefer the “foot-longs” over the standard supermarket weenies? 


Uh oh, I just realized sumpin’....maybe that’s why I can’t get a date....oh crap!

great picture,you see what i'm talking about.

You guys are too funny!

Oh, now you know it's quality......not quantity.....that counts.  ;-)

Define quality for me. LOL

that picture right down there.

It's not the size of the hot dog that makes it good; it's the snug way it fits into the bun! 

whew! is it getting warm in here?

I don't know what you guys are talking about.....I'm addressing the culinary art of hot dog making. ;-)
Pass the mustard. :-)

yea..me too.




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