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  Halloween masks.

  wrapping paper

  drawing paper

  writing paper

  kite paper

  lunch bags

  trash bags for recycling 


this is for a sidebar to an article already written. What do/have you used paper bags for?

Thank you for participating.

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I store mushrooms in the fridge in a paper bag.

Shhhh! The cops may be reading this.

The small ones are good for blowing them full of air then popping them to scare small children, cats, old folks and birds. Doesn't work too good on worms though.

and Burt Reynolds used the small ones for his anxiety attacks, remember?  Cover your mouth with the bag, breathe in and out repeatedly.  Great movie - whatever the heck it was called.

Keep going everyone. Good stuff so far but keep thinking.  Also, do you prefer paper or plastic bags?

I avoid both if I can help it michael. I always have reusable cloth bags in the car for groceries and what ever. But when I do need a bag, I always go for plastic, because it is less costly and a simpler process to recycle than paper. One estimate I have read is that it takes 91% less energy to recycle plastic over paper.

Haven't done it since I was a kid, but my mom used to make a huge batch of popcorn and put it in a grocery size paper bag when we all went to the drive in. 

I just remembered this. I've made luminaries with small paper bags, a little sand, and a candle. (used them as decorations in front of my antique shop during the Christmas season)

I use the 50 pound paper feed sack for trash bags for paper then use for fire starters on the farm.

Good one Tee! Doesn't look to scary but I bet if you took

your pup around on halloween with this paper mask, you

would get a lot of treats.




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