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Obviously I need some Rest & Rejuvenation - look what I just spent 3 hours doing-- but isn't it COOL?!

It's a TBD Wordle. Enjoy...




....let's expand this thread into anything that makes us think,


"How cool is this?!"


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Yup, well....I can't really say anything, Deez.....I play YO and City Villes!  ;-0
Done via the fb?

No. Wordle.net. I think Stir was referring to my spending hours working on it.

I wasn't beating myself up about that. I obviously needed some down time.

I think it's really cool! Check out Wordle.net, Jaylee. You can do anything there w/words.

And btw.... I see I have REALLY turned you & Bob on to Sam Toft's artwork - I love it! '-)

It fits us really well....thanks Deez
I love her work - I have about 10 of her framed prints. Ducatiman wants me to bring them from my place to our new place when I move in & make a dramatic statement in the kitchen by hanging all of them together above the kitchen cabinets. There's a high ceiling, so we could do it. I just hate to take them from my kitchen here, b/c I actually painted the top half of the kitchen walls a STRONG mango color to go w/the background of so many of her prints. It looks great. I should take a pic & share it w/you.
Would love to see the pic!!

hahaha.... well, I just went & took a pic of one of the walls w/my phone.

The top middle one was my introduction to Sam Toft's work. It's called, "She Who Must Be Kept Dry." Isn't that adorable? The couple's name are Mr. & Mrs. Mustard, and the dog is Doris. '-)


L@@k at Doris' butt - isn't it cute? Doesn't it remind us of someone? '-)

A dog named Doris? May I suggest TeeDorisDee?
hahaha.... actually, World Market had a stuffed dog that looked JUST like her a couple years ago, and I had to buy her. I gave her to my then "new" old rescue dog, not knowing what, if any, interest he'd have in stuffed toys. He ate her legs off. I still have her, but it's just not the same. :-(
...of course, that wasn't as bad as the foster dog who ate my glasses. My REAL glasses, not the drug store reading glasses. That Casey. :-P
This is sooooo sweet!  I will be adding some new art aside from my own to my house for sure...TNX!!!  ((((hugs))))

Is that all that's left of the 40,000?





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