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What do you dream of this holiday season? This one's for my Beloved, who embodies all my hopes, dreams, and wishes...

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long before the snow

without bells or mistletoe

you make it christmas


every sweet surprise

wrapped up in your loving eyes

waiting there for me


you're my greatest gift

you've made all my dreams come true

my eternal love


merry christmas draughn
i've just one wish on my list...
wish i were with you

I wish for laughter

And the joy that abounds with

love of family

So like you, Thally. Loving and giving. XOXOXOXOX

i watch the snowfall...
i close my eyes and picture
footprints on my walk

your knock at my door
your cold-reddened face beaming
your black curls flecked white

sweet warm lips on mine
soft green eyes filled with pure love
strong arms embracing

such joy in your arms
my heart swells with boundless love
we are one again...

i open my eyes
the snow falls cold and steady
it lies unbroken

we walk hand-in-hand
silent as the falling snow
christmas in our hearts

I remember when........

waking early Christmas morn

presents await us

special time of year

special moments with loved ones

memories to store

stockings on our beds
thick packed and long as a leg
bought mom and dad sleep

puzzles and play dough
tangerine and a toothbrush
all wrapped in tissue

we took our sweet time...
mom and dad slept 'til 7
christmas chaos deferred

no longer a child
i now make loved ones' stockings...
magic for grown ups

holiday wishes

wishing for peace, love for all

new year awaits us

i join my wishes
with your simple eloquent
beautiful message

Happy New Year A !

can mark off another one

may this year be grand

Happy New Year, M!
endless possibilities
with each breath we take




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