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History on a national or international level, your own personal story, or your favorite history professor. Have at it in three lines of 5/7/5 syllables, respectively.

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Corporate frustration
Or the glorious detail
Maybe it is both
Study history.
Learn from her foibles and gasp:
Happening again!
What was-who will say?
So much is misunderstood.
So much is unseen.
unless you were there...
a bloody field of battle
men on knees, heads bowed
caressing the ring
she placed upon his finger
tribute to venus

he buries her gift
until the day's work is done
then adjures the gods

ei mihi, fata
let me see her eyes again
let me hold her close

at peace, turning now
toward death or victory
the world waits on him
his history plain,
he offered her his worn heart
for what it was worth

he didn't see how
this woman could adore him
but he knew she did

over time, it grew...
the love that would shelter them
through the trials of life

through the perfect pain
of parallel existence...
twin stars orbiting

closer and closer
the bonds of love entwined them
until they were one

until he could not
imagine life without her
and would not want to

bliss imbued their world
union of minds, souls, bodies
transfigured them both

when her last day dawned
he looked back with joy and awe
history was she
observed over time
his words were his heart's true gauge
his actions, guarded
past is now gone
yet exists in dwelling mind
living his story
once, brothers-in-arms
living their lives together
closer than lovers

millenia pass
history repeats itself...
now, husband and wife
budget to balance
staff and faculty to lead
farewell podium

onward and upward
history is history
goodbye mr. chips
we're all history
moments in continuum
let's make best of it . . . . . . . . .
To Artorius, Dux Britanniorum:

the snow is coming...
scan the sea, carus frater
the ships are leaving

we turn home at last
to warm fires and warmer arms
peace again 'til spring

two worlds collide here
and we have been swept along
by honor and love

the cold wind chills us
but there is beauty and hope
something to fight for

old empires crumble
new worlds grow in their ashes
nourished by our blood




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