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I got 11 out of 15 for 73%.  See how well you do!

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Your Score:  60%              You correctly answered 9 out of 15 questions.

11 out of 15 for me, too. Wanna bet we got the same 4 wrong?

Probably Karin.  I should be better versed on it, since I'm a long term non-compliant diabetic. 

13 of 15, 87%. I guess not knowing that the heart doesn't stop during a heart attack or taking vitamin E along with low sodium were wrong. The trick question was the one where 1918 Spanish Flu killed more people than heart disease. My experience with doctors hell-bent trying to convince me that I had heart disease; when it was stress; and they made me take an expensive angiogram -- they then found out that I had no plaque, anywhere and that my heart was healthier than I was. They never said they were sorry and have been sueing me for the medical costs ever since (I had limited insurance that would not pay for the proceedure, or the hospital stay).




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