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YESTERDAY, I walked into McDonald's on my way to work and this GORGEOUS guy, standing next to me in line gave me the nicest smile and looked in my eyes for a few seconds. I went and sat down and he sat down nearby. When he caught me looking at him, he said Hi. He introduced himself and we started chit chatting across the space between us. He said, Hey, you wanna sit over here? We talked for about 15 minutes (turns out his he is from the same "small town" about 5 hours from here) that my parents/grandparents are from) When we both got up to head to work  he said, I just HAVE to tell you that I saw you and thought you were BEAUTIFUL! CAN you TELL that made my day???!!! I do NOT think of myself as beautiful and frankly I don't CARE...beauty is only skin deep.


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You are beautiful!  I hope your date proves lovely.

Aw thanks Robert! :-)

Kooner....you're right! This happened just one other time 2 summers ago in a CHICK FIL A. Nice dimples and electric blue eyes!!! I dated the guy all summer. I think  it must be because I probably "exude" happiness because I am ABOUT to eat  BREAKFAST..LOL.....I LOVE breakfast sandwhichs!! I LOVE breakfast in general!!




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