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Has anyone seen WendyLynn's pink Volvo lately?

I saw a 1958 red Volvo T-425 tractor on Saturday night.  Pru spotted or painted a pink Volvo.


Did Wendy's pink Volvo disappear in the move? Has anyone seen WendyLynn's pink Volvo lately?

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It resembles mauve and I believe mauve is related to purple...
Purple is related to maroon which is related to Aggie. Does that mean I might be 4th cousin to pink?
Anything is possible, but do you really want to be pink? It's kinda girlie...
Hey now, Quinn, real men wear pink.
(But I'm not so sure about real men BEING pink)
Is puce kinda like periwinkle?
no, no, no Stir..... periwinkle is a merger of blue & purple.... not quite either. Certainly not lavender.
A merger of blue and purple would be "Burple."
....or "Plue"......
you stop it. "Periwinkle" is a lovely name.
It's a flower......a "lovely" flower.....
yes, it is. It's also the color of the.... well.... nm.


*mind goes to a Seinfeld episode....her name sounds similar to.....*
O, classic!




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