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Tags: All Hallow's Eve, Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, ghosts, goblins, haiku

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halloween's over
but the candy beckons me
with an evil smirk....
sweets there for the sweet
partake to your heart's desire
you're very worth it

nothing scarier

dead eyes looking back at you

zombie reflection

monsters everywhere
zombies mummies and vampires
none scary as man

beneath the wolf moon
transformation has begun...
beware the hunger

our boos are dampened

long awaited rain appears

delaying sweet treats

frustrated children
dream an avalanche of sweets
and eat their way out

oh to have such dream

and the only thing missing

someone to share with

will you come to me
gliding silent on dark winds
through the realm of night

i will wait for you
my soul yearning for your touch
my heart offered up

make yourself at home
in our haunted house my friend
you may never leave

fear the walking dead
some have risen from the grave
some work next to you

silently screaming
stalked in a cavernous house
labyrinth of the mind




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