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Here's another throwback to TBD Prime...Please use both words, or some version of them, in your haiku.

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a mistral resides
within her tiny fingers
gesturing goodbye
the fierce purga howled
chilling him straight to the bone...
"goodbye" froze his heart
desert zephyr dance
sweeps across widening smiles
fine spun lost adieus
I talk to the wind
time to say goodbye my dear,
the wind does not hear...
king crimson?
Ha! I Talk To the Wind, 1969...You guys make me happy!
Correct metub4 (said the straight man, to the late man...)

kindred spirits yes
goodbye blowin' in the wind
gather my farewells
crumple and pile them loosely
for the sweeping wind
wind it up tighter
place it in a skinner box
goodbye to madness
"Skinner box"...perfect, ha!




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