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Good morning all.  Hope you're having a great day!  It's very cold (mid 20's) here in Maryland.  Where is spring?  I'm so ready for warm weather.  Are you ready for spring or do you enjoy the cold weather?

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ALL of my girlfriends have tiny dogs, lol!  My best friend has two maltese, another has a yorkie, another has two teacup poodles - Brandy loves them all and they love her.  She just doesn't want to play more than 3-5 minutes at a time, though, and they wear her out, lol!  The one teacup poodle wears a sweater all the time because she's always cold, even in the condo.

The little one is mine and the rest are my daughters!!  Can you imagine how she feels?? LOL

Cute dogs.  I'll bet the little one doesn't realize how much smaller he is.  My 5 lb chihuahua thinks he's a St Bernard or something.  He barks at all the huge dogs. 

You're right Helen. She thinks she's as big as the rest. LOL 




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